DExtra Extra read all about it! News from the Best Rentals in Town...Rrrrrocket Booths! As time goes by, we see there are many options for you to choose when you say..."Hey, why don't we rent a photo booth for our wedding."

There are alot of options for photo capture for your event Thats not a booth!. Sit or Stand? Color or Black and White? One button or two? Fabric or Hardsided? That picture looks fuzzy...that lighting makes me look purple? So many differences with what people call a booth these days.

Whats up with photo booths with bad attendants?

When we go to weddings as guests and see other booths, our mouths water. CHEAP PHOTOBOOTHS SUCK., I don't understand sometimes when we see an attendant that just stinks. They are behind or sitting with their phone not engaging with guests...whats up with that?

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